Like around 12% of people on the planet, I am colour-blind. Mine isn’t too bad compared to others, and is the common red/green kind (protanopia).

I still like to use colours in my terminals though, as I find the various highlights useful, so I thought I’d share the colours I have set up for git to make life easy for me.

Just copy/paste the following into your ~/.gitconfig file, and of course if any of these colours don’t work for you, just change them to something that does (mostly what I’ve done is get rid of the dark reds and blues, which are very hard for me to see on a blackish terminal background.)

I hope somebody finds this useful!

Colourblind settings for .gitconfig

  branch = auto
  diff = auto        
  status = auto

[color "branch"]
  current = yellow reverse
  local = yellow        
  remote = green

[color "diff"]
  meta = yellow bold       
  frag = yellow reverse
  old = cyan bold        
  new = green bold

[color "status"]
  added = yellow        
  changed = green        
  untracked = cyan